Rickpublicans Hall of Fame




Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos
After abruptly and mysteriously dropping his bid for U.S. Senate, we suspected it wouldn’t be long until we learned more about Mike Haridopolos’ role in the ongoing Jim Greer soap opera, and only a matter of time before he would officially land himself a spot in the Rickpublican Hall of Fame.

Sen. Haridopolos admitted to “not telling the whole story” when it came to his knowledge of ousted RPOF Chairman Jim Greer’s “secret” settlement. The investigation – which is unfolding like a daytime drama – places Haridopolos in the crux of an elaborately orchestrated behind-the-scenes effort to achieve the resignation of Jim Greer.

According to the Times/Herald, after the cat leapt out of the bag, Haridopolos was named as a defendant in a civil suit Greer filed against the RPOF where he claims he was illegally denied the severance money after he resigned.



Mitt Romney                     


Governor Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney and Rick Scott are birds of a feather when it comes to putting special interests ahead of middle class families. Romney famously declared “corporations are people” and Scott once proclaimed I don’t have to create any jobs at all.” Touching rhetoric.

As executives, both eliminated thousands of jobs while they cashed in. They put profits, not the lives of middle-class families, first.  And that's exactly the type of philosophy they bring to the table.

These two star-crossed corporate lovers swear allegiance to the Tea Party and pledge to represent the one-percent while leaving middle class families out-to-dry. These are just a few of the Rickpublican ties that bind Rick Scott and Mitt Romney.


Dorothy Hukill  



State Rep. Dorothy Hukill
State Rep. Dorothy Hukill’s top priority in the legislature: stop teachers from registering students to vote. Yes, you read that right. Addressing the state’s high foreclosure rate, helping get people back to work? These don’t make the cut on Hukill’s list of priorities. After voting for the state’s controversial voter law, Hukill has remained in steadfast support of Rickpublican voter suppression, even as teachers – including a local Volusia teacher – face fines for registering students to vote. For her party line support of this voter suppression law, she earns a top spot on the Rickpublican list.
                                                    State Rep. Chris Dorworth
Secrecy. Corruption. Greed. Just a few words that describe both Rick Scott and the Republican’s choice for future speaker of the House Rep. Chris Dorworth. Dorworth’s road to the speaker’s office looks rocky, as he comes under increasingly heavy fire for refusing to make public how his net worth blossomed from a mere $2,600 a month legislative salary to a whopping $713,000 in new assets. Even Dorworth’s Tea Party base is calling on him to “come clean or resign.