JOBS FAIL: No other state has seen the cumulative loss in small businesses over the last decade than Florida. Florida lost 26,596 businesses between 2006 and 2008.

No Other State Saw The Cumulative Loss In Small Businesses Over The Last Decade Than Florida. “If small businesses are the lifeblood of the Florida economy, maybe it's time for a transfusion. … Florida had 26,596 fewer businesses in 2010 than it had in 2008. That two-year net loss is historic, says Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., a data analysis firm. ‘No state has seen that big of a cumulative drop in the last decade,’ says EMSI spokesman Joshua Wright. Nor has any other state come even close to the single-year, 24,000-plus businesses lost by Florida in 2009.” [St. Petersburg Times, 8/30/11]

Since 2009, Florida Formed Fewer Businesses Than Nearly Every Other State. Economic Modeling Specialists “tracks and ranks business formations in every state and the District of Columbia. Not surprisingly, Florida ranked dead last at No. 51 in 2009 (including the District of Columbia). In 2010, Florida's rank improved to No. 43, beating out a handful of hard-hit states including Michigan, which finished last with a net loss of 5,480 businesses. To put Florida's woes in perspective, that same year 21 states and Washington, D.C., actually reported a net gain in new businesses.” [St. Petersburg Times, 8/30/11]