Over the last 12 years, a one party Republican rule fueled by corruption and greed has been at the helm while the state slid further behind in the critical areas of education, job creation, and our quality of life.

Today, Rick Scott Republicans – Rickpublicans – continue to run amuck in government putting corporate special interests ahead of Florida's families. 

Jobs Fails

In the face of tough economic times, with high unemployment across the nation, the Florida Rickpublicans' tired, old economic agenda has failed at every turn to spur growth resulting in job loss and unemployment numbers higher than those of almost every other state, and the nation as a whole.

Education Fails

Education in the state of Florida has been eviscerated over the past decade under the Rickpublicans rule. Rick Scott and the GOP-led Legislature cut 8% - $1.3 billion - from the State budget for education resulting in thousands of teachers losing their jobs. Recent reports rank Florida near the bottom in the nation for education. These latest cuts reiterate the failure of the Rickpublicans to place any value on our state education system as teachers – the ones who still have jobs - remain underpaid and students receive low-quality educations.

Ethics Fails

The political corruption common in Rickpublicans is deep-rooted and rampant. Private slush funds, back-room dealings that pad the pockets of big business supporters, chronic deletion of public records and total disregard for the laws of the State of Florida and the trust of the people they serve has left Florida with the most federal corruption convictions than any other state in the last 12 years.

Quality of Life Fails

With record unemployment, job loss and corruption topping the list of accomplishments over the last decade for the Rickpubicans, it comes as no surprise that Floridian’s quality of life is suffering. From taxes to income, from healthcare to foreclosures – Floridians are struggling under the oppressive one party rule that has put this state up for sale to the wealthiest corporate bidders.